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Brand naming

Brand name

The name of Kuwo Dairyoriginates from a sentence in Shi Jingwhich utters mother love。
“Mother breasts me, accompanying me everywhere.”
Kuwois changed from “breast me”, which sounds the same in Chinese.
Kuwo Dairy injects web language into the core of its products.
With this, the brand is echoing the trend of the times.
The spirit of Kuwo Dairy is fresh and new to customers.
Ku, perfect, sounding like “cool” in English.
Ku is a type of personality, pursuing perfects, displaying features.
It is unique and intriguing。
Wo, self-decided, meaning “I” in English.

Paraphraes to brand

Brand interpretation

Kuwo was born for maternal love, concentrated with mothers’caring heart.
Kuwo melts the selfless maternal love into products’ design details.
Kuwo shoulders responsibility of making everyone have a happy childhood.
Kuwo saves mothers from being torn by choosing milk drinks for their children.
Kuwo builds a love bridge, connecting mothers and children。
Kuwo is the sweet friend of children。
We have a dream! All mothers would not worry about their children’s healthy food.
We have a dream! All mothers would not worry about their children’s company.
We have a dream! Kuwo can cover children’s food, clothing, expenditure and education。

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KUWO Dairy is leading brand of probiotics drink, lactic acid milk designed for Children.

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